The Shape of Water

The shape of water 7I thought I would review The Shape of Water, the winner of the 2018 Academy Award for Best Picture in a different way, a text log between me and my niece.
Niece: Have you seen The Shape of Water?

Me: Yes, you?

Niece: Just saw it. What did you think of it?

Me: I like it… Had it a little bit above 3 Billboards at Oscars…

Niece: It was interesting.

Me: You like it?

Niece: I can’t decide. It was filmed beautifully, but I don’t get what the point of the story is. What is the point?

the shape of water 5Me: People/govt. afraid of difference in others…other people united, by what makes them different…Allowing what unites them to overcome their difference.

Niece: Ohhhh okay, now that makes sense

Me: Something the United Methodist Church could learn

Niece: You are right about that

The shape of water 4Me: I thought Sally Hawkins’s performance was extraordinary…

Me: The creature was a Christ figure…different, beyond understanding and therefore a    threat to the Government/General, yet he offered a new life, a transformed life to the mute woman who had been marginalized by many,,,

Niece: Sally Hawkins did do a great Job!

Me: Yes she did. I’ve never seen her before…or don’t remember her…

Niece: I didn’t even see him as the Christ figure, but it does make sense and I could see how you could pull that from it.

Niece: I don’t remember her either. She isn’t normal Hollywood beautiful, but she gave a great performance with no words!

Me: Yes she did. I thought she has a look that is very expressive…

Niece: Very true and I love the use of the sign language…

the shape of water 9In addition to the Best Picture Oscar, Guillermo del Toro won the Oscar for Best Direction. The Shape of Water is a beautifully photographed film where the acting is just as impressive, and as with most fantasy films, The Shape of Water allows, if not demands for continued contemplation and application to one’s life and circumstance. It’s not a film everyone will relate to or enjoy, but it was worthy of winning the Best Picture award.

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I am a United Methodist minister and my professional passion is connecting issues of life and faith to film and other artforms. I am also interested in autism awareness and ministry and special needs. I am married to Michelle and have two children.
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