Faithspotting “MASS”

Ann Dowd, Reed Birney, Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaccs Bleeker Street

This episode includes a indepth interview with Ann Dowd and director Fran Kranz. Follow link to listen to the episode and for notes. MASS opened in limited release on October 8th and will open in wide release on October 22nd.

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Faithspotting “Dead Poets Society”

Robin Williams Buena Vista Pictures Warner Brothers

Mike Hatch and I decided to review and spot faith elements in Dead Poets Society after two directors we recently interviewd, Edson Oda (Nine Days) and Stephen Chbosky (Dear Evan Hansen) listed it as one of the films that made them, not just as filmmakers, but played a role in their development into adults.

Click link for to listen and for episode notes.

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Faithspotting Dear Evan Hansen

Ben Platt Universal Pictures

Follow link for Faithspotting website to listen to the episode and for faith notes. This episode includes an interview with director Stephen Chblosky regarding his purpose in making the film, and the message he hopes viewers, especially teens will hear and accept.

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Faithspotting “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

Kenny and Mike review and discuss the faith elements in the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Included is an interview with director Michael Showalter. Click link for the episode link and faith notes.

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Faithspotting Ted Lasso, The Queens Gambit, Mare of Easttown +Emmys Discussion

Kenny and Mike discuss their favorite television programs that are up for Emmy Awards.  While there is some discussion of the awards the sheer number of categories and programs makes it much more challenging to cover than the Academy Awards. That said, there are many very well done programs on TV that deserve attention. Follow link to Faithspotting Podcast page to for episode player and faith notes.

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Faithspotting “Val”

Val Kilmer A24

Faithspotting hosts Kenny Dickson and Mike Hatch discuss the documentary film Val, and spot reflections of faith presented int the auto-biographical film of Val Kilmer. The film uses some of the over 1000 hours of video tape Val had shot since the 1970s as well as interviews, current film and film clips from his filmography. Val’s son Jack reads much of the narration as Val’s lost most of his voice from the treatment for his throat cancer.

Follow Link to listen to the episode as well as Faith Notes from the film and Scripture Passages for Seasons of Grief.

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Faithspotting “The Summer of Soul”

Kenny and Mike discuss the Hulu film Summer of Soul and spot faith elements presented in the documentary of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. Summer of Soul is a documentary of the Harlem Cultural Festival held over 6 weekends at Mount Morris Park during the Summer of 1969. Using 40 hours of footage and interviews with participants and attendees Ahmir Khalib Questlove Thompson directed and produced Summer of Soul. It is available on for streaming on Hulu.

Follow link for Podcast and transcript.

Faith Elements Spotted:

Story and history are foundational elements in establishing and developing faith as they create and build identity and community. Erasing story and history serves to weaking identity and damage or destroy community. Music tells as well as shapes story, offers shared experiences which bind individuals and isolated groups into communities through which love and care is shared and witnessed.

The Diverse Nature of God’s Kingdom.  John 14:2. The “House”/Kingdom of God is not made up of one room and experience, but many. The diversity of people working together, Sly and the Family Stone, the Mayor with the organizers, the Black and Latin communities in Harlem. The Lyrics of Everyday People.. “We have to live together.”

The New Creation initiated through the birth of Jesus offers light in the midst of the failures of the flesh and world. Faith in the new age of God’s Kingdom allows one to have hope and allow the light of the Son to shine in the midst of darknessJohn 1:1-5, 16-18.

The hope and healing power of Gospel music. 

Searchlight Pictures Hulu
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Faithspotting “Nine Days” Podcast

Faithspotting "Nine Days"

Follow link to listen to the epiode

Faith Issues Spotted:

The film presents a foundational and stark choice among people of faith, to live through the struggles and darkness of life with Paul’s “Rejoice in the Lord Always” spirit from Philippians, or the worldly spirit that sees darkness overcoming the Light that is Christ and the hope of the Gospel. What are the costs of each perspective?

What is the Righteous choice of candidates? 

A discussion of Christ figure(s)

Recovery of Joy in the midst of grief and loss. 

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Faithspotting “In The Heights”

The latest episode from The Faithspotting Podcast. Mike Hatch and I had a lot of fun both watching the film and recording the episode. It is a fun film to watch, especially if you can see it in a theater. Follow the link to the Faithspotting page and look for the faith notes.

Faithspotting “In The Heights” | Faithspotting

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Faithspotting “Echo in the Canyon Pt. 1”

Check out the newest episode of Faithspotting as Guest Eric Folkerth, a United Methodist pastor and singer songwriter joins Kenny Dickson and Mike Hatch to discuss the Netflix Documentary Echo in the Canyon. In Part 1 we discuss the film in general and the music of the era. Next week we will spot the faith matters reflected in the film in Part 2. The film features the last on-camera interview by Tom Petty before his death in October of 2017.

Also check out the new website, where you can find all the episodes in one easy place as well as information on Hosts Kenny and Mike as well as the guests we have had thus far. We are still addiing elements, but it allows us to offer more elements to the show.

Jakob Dylan, Tom Petty, David Crosby Netflix
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