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Film Review: Last Days in the Desert

It is no secret that in recent years there has been an increase in the number of faith based and Biblically based feature films released. While the popularity and number of these films are historically cyclical, growing and fading in … Continue reading

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The Young Messiah: Interview with Director Cyrus Nowrasteh

Interview with Cyus Nowrasteh director of The Young Messiah, a film, based on the Anne Rice novel, Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt. The Young Messiah Opens March 11 and stars Adam Greaves-Neal as Jesus, Vincent Walsh as Joseph, and … Continue reading

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Film Review: RISEN

  Over the last two years there have been several releases of Biblically based films. While these films are often overly produced and lacking in cinematic elements such as compelling acting, direction, and writing, and while also presenting the stories … Continue reading

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“Inside Out” is All In

Pixar Studio’s latest feature, Inside Out is a blast from the Studio’s celebrated past. For many years Pixar and I had a ritual, where in late winter I would start counting down the days to the traditional early summer release … Continue reading

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Review: Killing Jesus

When considering The National Geographic Channel’s latest offering In “The Killing” series based on the books by Bill O’Reilly, I was reminded of a certain Spaghetti Western film. The Good: The presentation of Jesus was refreshingly genuine, personal, and ethnic. … Continue reading

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Of Voice and Verse

Although the genesis and perhaps lion’s share of credit for the power in this inspiring scene from “Dead Poets Society” belongs with screenwriter Tom Schulman, it is the understated yet determined passion in Robin Williams’s delivery that carries the power … Continue reading

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Carrying the Cross and Dropping the Crowbar

One of my favorite scenes in the movie “Field of Dreams” is when Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, is trying to convince Terence Mann, played by James Earl Jones, to go with him to a Boston Red Sox baseball … Continue reading

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“Son of God”: Script over Scripture

Speaking for their film “Son of God,” producers Roma Downy and Mark Burnett spoke about their desire to update the epic Biblical films of the 1950’s and 60’s to better fit with today’s audiences. With greater technological tools at their … Continue reading

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“On The Pulpit Floor: Sermon Points That Time Denied”

  In their 1973 song, Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) The Rolling Stones are singing about an “accidental” shooting in New York City. Given the history of that, and subsequent times,  it’s not hard to imagine that the lyrics refer to racial … Continue reading

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Sermon Notes: With the Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Tonight concludes the Advent sermon series, “Repeat Sounding the Joy, “where we have looked closely at the theological teaching in favored Christmas carols. The first Sunday in Advent we looked at the theme of expectation as taught by Charles Wesley … Continue reading

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