Movies With A Message Series

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Movies With a Message Series

For Communities of Faith

Presented by Cross Roads Faith and Film in association with Cinema Libre Studio.

At Cross Roads Faith and Film, our goal is to help faith communities use film as tools to spark meaningful thought and conversation of faith and faithful living in today’s society. We connect faith communities with films that reflect and address issues of life and faith resulting in spiritual reflection, faith development, and ministry engagement.

The Movies with Message Series is a highly curated package of films from Cinema Libre Studio with accompanying discussion guides. Churches and faith-based communities can schedule, promote, partner with other community agencies and organizations, and host screenings around their schedule and ministry initiatives. Each film may be pre-screened online by church leaders and pastors to ensure films will match congregational expectations and ministry focus.

Attached is information about the initial films in the Movies with A Message Series available for the remainder of 2020. The films include AFTER THE END, THE ADVOCATES, IMPRISONED, REBUILDING HOPE, SHADOW OF AFGHANISTAN, UNDER THE TURBAN. These six films offer a wide range of faith and ministry themes and film genres including documentaries and a Hollywood thriller that address issues of social justice, cultural and ecumenical education, faith amidst conflict, and pastoral care.

  • Cinema Libre Studio will provide the films via digital stream or DVD.
  • Participating congregations may not charge admission but may accept donations to cover licensing expenses.
  • Discounts are available to groups that subscribe to three films throughout 2020.
  • Unlike traditional studio licensing agreements, where groups pay based on anticipated or RSVP’d attendance, congregations will be allowed to pay after the event based on actual attendance. Payments may be made by check, PayPal, or credit card. There is a discount for screening multiple films.

Attendance based rates are as following:

  • 1-25 Guests – $50
  • 26-75 Guests – $100
  • 76-100 Guests – $150
  • 101+ Guests – $200

Please contact Program Administrator, Rev. Kenny Dickson, by email to request a link to pre-screen films, schedule screenings, or answer any questions including subscription pricing discount.


movies with a message AdvocatesTHE ADVOCATES: Documenting the changing face and causes of homelessness in America, THE ADVOCATES presents the struggle to uphold a “care in community” ideal and serve this most vulnerable population amid a changing and increasingly punitive policy landscape. Set in Los Angeles, “Ground Zero” of the new homelessness in America, The Advocates follows three case managers from three social service organizations as they struggle to assist persons in finding housing, services, and security.



movies with a message AfterAFTER THE END: Following the stories of people who have each experienced the death of a loved one, the film explores what it means to lose someone without losing ourselves in the process. The filmmakers journey across America, speaking with hospice coordinators, bereavement specialists and experts on grief counseling including: Alan D. Wolfelt, author, educator and founder of Center For Loss & Life Transition; and Rev. David M. Smith, as well as sharing archival video of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the author of the seminal work on grief issues, “On Death and Dying.    Trailer:


movies with a message ImprisonedIMPRISONED: This prison thriller contrasts the transformative power of love and grace with the destructive power of hate and revenge. Dylan Burke (Juan Pablo Raba), inspired by the love of his life Maria (Juana Acosta), has moved on from his days as a criminal and become a successful and contributing member of his community where he works to help other ex-cons succeed in life after prison. His new life is interrupted by the vengeance of the new local prison warden, Daniel Calvin (Lawrence Fishburne) who has not forgiven Burke for an old crime. Though a non-fiction film, IMPRSIONED shows the real-life purpose of forgiveness and the consequences of holding on to anger and resentment. Rated R for violence, disturbing images, some sexuality and language.             Trailer:


movies with a message shadowSHADOW OF AFGHANISTAN: Although the site of the longest war in American history, the story of Afghanistan and its people remains a mystery to many Americans.  This is the epic story of a nation’s history of war and occupation through the eyes of an Afghan warrior, independent filmmakers, and a small group of independent journalists, two of whom died covering this story. Twenty years in the making, the film documents the Soviet occupation, the exile, and the suffering of millions of citizens, a violent civil war and the fatal alliance of the Taliban with Al Qaeda. As one hears more of the history of Afghanistan, one understands better the Afghan people.                                                                                          Trailer:


movies with a message HopeREBUILDING HOPE: Three boys fled their villages in South Sudan due to civil war, among thousands of others soon nicknamed “The Lost Boys” upon resettlement in the USA in 2001.  Now in their 20’s, they return to Sudan to discover whether their homes and families have survived, what the current situation is, and how they can help their community rebuild. Rebuilding Hope is a powerful record of their quest to finding surviving family-members and rediscover and contribute to their homeland.  It also sheds light on what the future holds for South Sudan in its precarious struggle for peace, development, and stability.


movies with a message TurbanUNDER THE TURBAN: What makes one a Sikh? When nine-year-old Zara Garcha asks such a question, her family answers it in a most extraordinary manner—embarking on an international journey to learn about their heritage from modern-day Sikhs. From Italy to India to Great Britain, Argentina, Canada, and the US, Zara and her family traverse the globe and meet some of the most interesting, generous, and compassionate people on Earth. And in so doing, they remind us that, to fully understand our fellow human beings, we must judge not solely by what is on one’s head, but by what is in one’s heart.  For Christians, ecumenical awareness not only increases knowledge of other faiths but also one’s knowledge                                                       and depth of the Christian faith.                                                                                                   Trailer:





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I am a United Methodist minister and my professional passion is connecting issues of life and faith to film and other artforms. I am also interested in autism awareness and ministry and special needs. I am married to Michelle and have two children.
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