Faithspotting “The Crown” Part 2

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Faithspotting hosts Mike and Kenny continue looking at the faith elements in the NETFLIX series, The Crown. In this episode, Faithspotting examines the faith elements spotted in “Bubbikins,” the fourth episode of season three and “The Hereditary Principle” the seventh episode of season four.

Faith Elements:

Both episodes examine mental illness and how it is addressed by members of the Royal Family as presented in the series. The overarching faith issue is the power of shame and valuing others by their perceived utility. As God loves all people regardless of physical, emotional, or spiritual limitations, we are called to love others even if they are limited in their ability to return love or the worldly “value” they offer. Followers of Christ are called to love as Jesus loves, John 13:34-35.

NETFLIX The Crown Jane Lapotaire

Bubbikins: Romans 8:18-38, Job

The faith of Princess Alice, in the midst of the loss of her position and her family is an example of the place and power of faith in the midst of trying circumstances in life. The suffering of the current times cannot compare to the glory to come in God’s Kingdom.  Even in the midst of sickness, suffering, and loss, through Christ one is more than a conqueror.  Also, nothing can separate one from the love of Christ. 

Alice also presents a contrasting example to that of Job. One might say the reaction of Alice is what God hoped if not expected from Job.

“The Hereditary Principle”: Loyalty to God. 

Helena Bonham Carter

Jesus taught in Luke 14:26-28 that one’s first and primary loyalty is to God, even if it causes a break within or from one’s family. If forced to choose between God and family, or anything, the disciple is to choose God. 

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